Vol. 28 No. 4 (2018)
Governance and the Governed: Leadership, Conflict, Resilience, Resolution, and Hope

When theory is tested in the fire of social reality, the lovely dream of unity and harmony is drowned in the unexpected details of how to bring it about. Thus, the pious wish to house, feed, and care for those who have no resources of their own quickly becomes burdensome and yields to the desire for an orderly and secure life unperturbed by the needs of others.
It is at such a point that discourses about leadership, constructive reflection, and strategic action should become uppermost in our daily lives. If the purpose of governance and leadership is to respond to the needs of the governed, then what attributes and methodologies should characterize the process of those in positions of authority? Where is the balance? What is the standard? What must change if we are to succeed in this human experiment that is our globalizing world?


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