Information For Readers

We encourage readers to sign up for the publishing notification service for this journal. Use the Register link at the top of the home page for the journal. This registration will result in the reader receiving the Table of Contents by email for each new issue of the journal. This list also allows the journal to claim a certain level of support or readership. See the journal's Privacy Statement, which assures readers that their name and email address will not be used for other purposes.

On each article page you will find links to view the article in different formats. There is an ongoing effort to modernize the collection and make articles available across many formats. Older articles however will mainly be found in the following formats:

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) refers to older articles that were scanned and manually typed out, then digitally rendered. While great effort was made to ensure the quality and accuracy, there may be small character-level errors such as accents or punctuation. Care should be taken when copying quotes from the articles, to ensure the copied text is correct.

Scan PDF
These PDF files are for certain older articles that were never processed with OCR. While many of the files do have selectable text, there has been no human verification of the quality so extra caution should be taken when copying quotes. What you see however is the original print format so you can be sure that the visible text is correct.

Print PDF
Print refers to the file that went to the printer. More recent articles may have these reference print files temporarily before they are replaced with XML-based typeset PDF files.

All other formats refer to the filetype and are provided for your convenience. Only recent articles will have these at first as we process our collection. You can either view these in the browser or download and print them at your leisure. Since these are rendered from an XML document, some views will have additional features that help with reading online including in-line reference display and tables of contents.

General inquiries and questions can be made to [email protected]. You are encouraged to email [email protected] to report any errors, corrections or techincal concerns you may have.