The Evolution of Reality

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Land, G. “The Evolution of Reality”. The Journal of Bahá’í Studies, vol. 3, no. 1, Mar. 1990, pp. 19-30,


The evolutionary reality of nature is moving every growing thing to higher and more complex levels of interconnection and interdependence. As nature’s most successful evolutionary partner; humanity has now created a complex network of connections that has brought the earth into an interdependent global village. The principle of entropy maintains that all systems are ultimately headed downhill. The evolutionary evidence of creative growth and change going on within every natural system indicates quite the opposite. The challenge for humanity is to understand that the creative process of nature is pulling all systems including organizations and civilization to a future different from the past. To align with nature’s processes requires being open to making new and different connections with people, ideas, resources, and opportunities. The Bahá’í Faith is one of nature’s “strange attractors” which holds out the possibility that humanity can bring into being what never existed before. The Bahá’í belief in visualizing a creative, purposeful peace is in complete alignment with nature’s creative processes.

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